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Im so annoyed it’s ridiculous. People are just getting on my last nerves. I wanna punch someone in the fuckin face. Why do these people have to be so god damn pushy!? No, I don’t wanna hang out. No, I don’t wanna go over. No, I don’t have a need to be around someone 24/7!! Lay off! Shit! If I’m giving you the damn hit, do us both a favor and TAKE IT!!! I’m not gunna be rude about it but I’m sure as hell gunna let it be known! I like being alone sometimes, I like being home alone, I like relaxing and doing yoga in peace! I like to watch movies and eat popcorn and cry alone! Give me my time and space! When and if I’m ready to start sharing my time with other people, you’ll know. But right now, you can go fuck off. Buhbyee now.

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